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IP Transit

Resilient connectivity to empower and protect your business


Losing Internet connectivity today potentially means losing business. Telstra’s IP Transit service offers highly resilient and robust global connectivity to protect your business. With competitive pricing and outstanding customer support, it’s ideal for fixed and mobile broadband providers, content network providers, cloud-based service providers and large enterprise customers.

Benefits and features

Truly global coverage

Telstra offers one of the world’s most extensive international networks to connect your users and locations across the globe. In the Asia Pacific region in particular, we offer diverse cable assets and direct connectivity to a range of major IP network operators. With our own cable assets and less dependence on partners, we can also offer competitive pricing.

A highly resilient network infrastructure

Ensure your business continuity with a highly resilient service that has a track record of minimising downtime and disruption. Should a cable fail, our IP Transit service will automatically restore the connection via an alternative cable.

Responsive and personal customer service

Experience a standard of service that extends beyond the performance of the Internet. A named account manager will be available to assist with any queries you have about your network. In addition, you will receive a single bill and have 24/7 access to online reports about utilisation across your entire network, reducing the time you spend dealing with multiple suppliers, contacts and bills in multiple geographies.

Flexibility and scalability

Choose from a variety of flexible pricing plans and two service options (platinum and standard) to meet your business requirements. And because we control the majority of our cable infrastructure, we can adapt quickly to meet your changing needs such as a rapid upgrade in capacity as your business grows.


With DoSP, DDoS attacks are filtered before they even reach your network. It allows you to monitor from a portal and protect against DDoS.

Extensive IP backbone coverage

Achieved through Telstra’s private and consortium cable capacity across Asia Pacific, Europe, Americas and Middle East.

Strong domestic and international peering

Ensures short hop connectivity to global content and users.

Low latency traffic routing into China

Option to add China Direct service for lowest latency connectivity to/from Chinese content and users with the ability to monitor your China-bound traffic situation.

Global Services: Platinum and Standard Service Options

Both classes of service offer reliability and performance. The added benefit of a Platinum service is the assurance that your traffic will be prioritized in the event of a network congestion.

Australian Services: Telstra Wholesale Internet

Connectivity to Telstra’s Internet backbone in Australia (AS1221) and is available as Wholesale Internet Domestic or Wholesale Internet Global.e

Online reporting

Enables you to monitor your traffic utilisation via an interactive customer portal.

Service Leads

Provides you with targets and rebate options based on service delivery, service availability, Round Trip Delay (RTD) and Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR) for our Standard and Platinum Services, plus Mean Time to Restore (MTTR) for the Platinum Service.



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