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VSAT Private Lease

Last mile connectivity for remote locations


Telstra’s VSAT Private Lease Service offers end-to-end connectivity via satellite directly to customer premises, and access to our complete range of voice and network application services. Ideal for multinational enterprises, government organisations, and service providers alike, it provides a last mile solution for extending international connectivity to remote locations where terrestrial infrastructure is under-developed or non-existent.

With Telstra’s Satellite VSAT Private Lease Service, you can also connect remote offices to your own VoIP and Wide Area Networks.

Benefits and features

A seamless end-to-end managed service

Telstra’s VSAT Private Lease Service provides an end-to-end network connectivity between customer’s premises. Bundled with Telstra’s MPLS and Internet Transit services, we provide end-to-end network connectivity and broadband solutions for corporate customers. Enjoy the convenience of dealing with a single supplier for all your satellite and terrestrial services, with one-stop-shop ordering, billing and support.

Suite of Network Application Services

Telstra provides a range of Network Application services including voice, cloud and datacentre services which can be offered as part of a comprehensive solution.

Outstanding reliability and speed

With over 30 years’ experience delivering critical satellite data services, Telstra understands your need for reliability and speed. Excellence in engineering design, operations and maintenance enable us to delivers speeds of over 500 Mbps.

Global Coverage

Through strategically established teleport facilities in Australia, Asia and our global teleport partners, you will have access to over 40 different satellites with global reach even at the remotest locations like Antarctica.

Flexible service options and expert support

Telstra aims to be flexible to meet the needs of its customer and offers a wide range of service options across multiple satellite frequency bands and platforms. With our Satellite Network Operation Centre managed 24/7 by satellite-trained staff with proven engineering and operational expertise, you’re assured of a rapid response to your queries.



Other Solutions

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