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Ethernet VPN

Simple and effective connectivity for your Wide Area Network


Telstra’s Ethernet VPN (EVPN) suite of services offer your business highly resilient network connections between headquarters, data centres and office locations. Remove complexity in your business and connect geographically dispersed sites using the same type of equipment used in your Local Area Network (LAN).

Quick to deploy and easy to manage, our EVPN services are a cost effective way to enable your business

Benefits and features

Burstable bandwidth and flexible data management

EVPN caters to your business needs, providing burstable bandwidth in response to sudden surges in volume. Offering six classes of service, EVPN also allows you to differentiate between application types and prioritise business critical traffic. The service is transparent to higher-level protocols, so traffic can be transported and tunnelled seamlessly. You can also create virtual sub-networks (virtual LANs) in order to separate data for different business processes or business functions. Alternatively, connect to your existing IP Virtual Private Networks to create a hybrid network orsupport a phased migration to Ethernet.

Simplified network management

EVPN removes the complexity associated with creating a Wide Area Network (WAN). It also reduces the need for highly skilled internal staff to manage hardware and network management. Network management tasks are simpler and costs are reduced.

Highly versatile

Telstra’s EVPN offers you the flexibility of three configuration options. Choose from point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or any-to-any configuration to meet your different business requirements. All three options have been MEF CE2.0 certified for the E-Line and E-LAN service types.

Robust performance

Ensure seamless connectivity for your business with built in fault tolerance included as standard with our EVPN services. EVPN is delivered over a robust infrastructure based on Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology. If a network failure occurs, traffic is automatically redirected via the best available alternative route, resulting in minimal service disruption. Additionally, intelligent Network Interface Devices (NIDs) are installed as standard for end-to-end support, diagnostics and performance reporting.

Privacy and routing control

EVPN offers the control of Frame Relay and ATM networks, combined with the high performance of MPLS technology. Control your end-to-end IP routing and security to get the performance you need while meeting compliance requirements.

Global connectivity

Available in over 20 countries globally. We can also support traditional leased lines access where Ethernet connectivity is not available

Wide range of Ethernet speeds

Extends from 1Mbps to 1Gbps, with a choice of bandwidth increment options.

EVPN and IPVPN interworking

Extends you to run a hybrid EVPN and IPVPN network concurrently with seamless Class of Service (CoS) mapping.

Internet access over EVPN

Allows you to use the private EVPN network to access the Internet, thus getting more value from your network investments.

Six classes of service

Allows you to determine how different types of traffic are prioritied on the network.

Multiple VLAN interfaces

Enables you to create closed user groups within the overall topology.

No restriction on routing protocols

Supports any protocol and addressing scheme.

Burstable Bandwidth

Allows you to increase your traffic volume beyond your subscribed base bandwidth to meet ad hoc business needs.

Service level agreements

Provides you with service levels for metrics including service delivery, availability and network performance.



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