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Toll Free Services

International toll free calls made simple


Telstra can provide your business with seamless toll free calling in 30 countries and territories around the world. Services are based on Telstra’s bilateral International Toll Free (ITF) agreements with major carriers, and in most instances can be up and running in less than a month. Telstra also offers Transit International Toll Free (TITF) service out of Hong Kong for customers with requirements to terminate into third country destinations.

Benefits and features

Easy administration

Access toll free services from 30 different countries and territories without having to establish agreements with dozens of different international telecommunications providers. Set up freephone numbers from multipleinternational locations as required, and ensure voice calls from all available destinations are routed to the required call centre, office or communications platform.

Telstra also offers round the clock access to a multi-lingual service desk to further ease administration and support.

Flexibility to suit your business

Highly versatile, Telstra’s Transit International Toll Free service is ideal for applications such as calling card platforms,call centres, conferencing solutions and business support applications.

Rapid set up

Our service supports the speed of your business with standard service provisioning time of just 28 days in most instances. Telstra takes care of all of the necessary number translations and other set-up procedures, liaising with telecommunications providers/carriers around the world

Competitive pricing

Pricing is continually reviewed against market rates and adjusted as needed to offer you competitive pricing. All rate increases are usually subject to 30 days’ prior notice. Given the limited mobility of freephone numbers, carriers are also given sufficient time to notify customers.

Bilateral agreements with global telecommunications providers

Enables toll free services in 30 countries and territories

Seamless number translation

Simplifies call management.

Dedicated circuits

Ensures high availability for International Toll Free calls terminated in carriers via Telstra’s Transit Hub in Hong Kong.

Prompt order handling

Ensures prompt order processing with an average service provisioning lead-time of two weeks for major countries.

24/7 customer service

Round the clock access to a multi-lingual help desk.



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