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Telstra Programmable Network


Your organisation is unique, with singular needs. We believe your network should be unique too. Telstra
has built a new type of network to empower you to meet the challenges of the future, embrace digital
transformation, and quickly respond to changing market and customer demands.

Combine transformative innovation and next generation agility to adapt quickly, learn to improve
performance, and evolve to suit your business. Software-defined networks help you seize opportunities,
wherever and whenever they arise.

Underpinned by our leading global network, Telstra Programmable Network empowers you with
intelligent infrastructure to create the network you need. You can self-provision bandwidth and choose
from multiple latency options, services, prioritise traffic, and connect on-demand to locations around
the world via a single, easy-to-use portal or via APIs linked to your own systems.

Telstra Programmable Network empowers you to create the network your organisation deserves,
deliver better experiences, and adapt faster to changing demands.

Solutions for Telstra Programmable Network

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