Connecting you to new capabilities into, out of and throughout the Asia region and beyond to deliver an excellent customer experience to ensure you can confidently deliver and exceed the expectations of your own customers.


Wholesale Industry

Convergence, IP growth and globalisation continue to impact the wholesale carrier space. Traditional business approaches and technologies are becoming obsolete at a quicker pace and the competitive landscape is also intensifying more than ever before. New non-traditional players are emerging who are building their own infrastructure. Telstra operates a Best-in-Class Partner Program, bringing together strategic suppliers that support our network and customer requirements. These suppliers are evaluated in a structured approach each month around quoting, service delivery, service management, network availability and supplier relations.


Carrier Industry

The market for voice services is diversifying with greater demand than ever for global coverage and brilliant quality across all services. Telstra’s voice network extends to more than 200 countries and territories and multiple in-country providers so you can provide both in-depth regional and broad global coverage. Our network also empowers your carrier business with high levels of quality and support. Our continued investment in our network and innovation give us the insight and capability to help you leverage maximum value from your voice business – now and into the future. 


Voice Industry

We are one of Asia‘s largest voice carriers. We offer the expertise and scale to provide cost-effective, reliable and flexible voice service options via TDM and IP solutions. We offer an extensive suite of traditional and innovative voice solutions, enabling you to explore new revenue streams and drive business growth whilst maintaining a high quality of service. Utilising our robust voice network, we provide extensive reach, flexible capacity and quality delivery of services to you and your customers.


OTT Industry

OTT encompass global companies, which provide services in the delivery of media or communications over the internet independently of the network or service provider being used. This includes social networks, voice, video, other real-time communications, content streaming, gaming platforms and also content delivery/cloud services.Telstra helps you to get closer to your audiences by acquiring, distributing and managing media efficiently and cost-effectively.