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Engage fans with live action experiences and breathtaking footage


Capture incredible live action footage that places viewers at the heart of the action and increases audience engagement. Globecam miniature cameras are built to thrive under the high action nature of sporting events and provide a highly immersive viewing experience.

Globecam is lightweight, compact and uses innovative low latency digital link technology to receive and transmit live content right from the field-of-play. It’s provided as a managed service and is highly customised with the aim to meet all your needs.

Benefits and features

Innovative perspectives

Take your audience to the heart of the action from new angles with miniature wearable cameras. Mount them on players, referees, umpires, jockeys, bikes or race cars to capture breathtaking live action footage that will have viewers on the edge of their seat and coming back for more.

Flexible solutions

Globecam provides a unique live camera source that can be creatively used and managed to enhance any broadcast experience. It’s continually adapted to meet specific sport or event requirements, including sporting code guidelines.

Proven technology

Globecam is already delighting viewers around the world having been used at major events such as the Indian Premier League, UK T20, Australian Rugby League, Asia Cup and the Macau Grand Prix. The award winning technology has also been used by global brands such as Fox Sports to deepen fan engagement.

Custom designed for seamless application

Small and lightweight, the wearable custom-designed miniature cameras can be worn by all sporting personnel with no interference to the game, capturing compelling content from any angle.

Low latency digital link for live transmission in HD

Globecam utilises the latest low latency digital link technology in various forms to suit each application. We support short-range low powered miniature links through to more traditional 2GHz microwave technology to transmit pictures live and in HD directly from the field-of-play.

Crisp, clear and vibrant video

Globecam has built-in mechanical stabilisation so that you can deliver crisp, clear footage regardless of high speed movements in the field. It also comes with a special enclosure to be used when attaching it to a moving part.

Full control to modify or interchange content

Globecam empowers you with full control of the content that’s being captured live. You can correct colour remotely and also interchange content with that from outside broadcasters.



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