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Media Satellite Services

Flexible satellite services to deliver your content at scale


Deliver your content across Australia and the globe with our Media Satellite Services. Our services are ideal for broadcast and media content providers who want the flexibility to deliver content from any location to any location with limited infrastructure. We offer customers the flexibility to transport content via our teleports, our fleet of satellite news gathering vehicles, our managed Global Media Switch and also our Broadcast Operations Centre which ingests content from fibre and IP networks as well as satellite.

Telstra’s Media Satellite Services can help you extend your reach with our ability to send satellite signals or book satellite capacity globally. You’ll also benefit from the assurance that your content is expertly managed 24/7 in our Master Control Room.

Benefits and features

Broadcast your content across Australia and overseas

Get your content into millions of households or businesses in Australia with the powerful Foxtel platform and our relationships with other leading satellite providers. Also, extend your reach into Asia Pacific and beyond by leveraging our network and partnerships. Our three world-class satellite teleports located in Hong Kong, Perth and Sydney give you combined access to more than 40 satellites.

Scale and flexibility

Our fully managed state-of-the-art Broadcast Operations Centre delivers 155 permanent global TV and radio services as well as 20,000 itinerant feeds a year. Ingesting content from satellite, fibre and IP transmissions, we redistribute it through a direct-to-home platform that’s flexible, scaleable and reliable.

Satellite capacity

Telstra works with leading satellite providers Optus, AsiaSat and Intelsat to deliver the satellite capacity you need to thrive. These services are available domestically and internationally within the satellite footprint (excludes Africa and some areas of Europe). In Australia, Telstra uses Foxtel’s Optus D2 and D3 satellites to deliver content to over 3.5 million homes with linked set-top boxes at quality up to Digital HD and encoded to MPEG4/MPEG2 (with EPG option).

Teleport services

Telstra’s satellite services reach two thirds of the earth’s surface with more than 40 operating antennas at our world-class teleports in Hong Kong, Sydney (two locations) and Perth. Connected to our robust terrestrial network globally, our teleports are managed by a team of experts with 24/7 monitoring and support. We offer both uplink and downlink services and also co-location services to support your system designs.

Satellite News Gathering (SNG) vehicles

Telstra’s fully redundant Ku- and C-band satellite news and sport gathering vehicles and flyaway satellite offerings extend our satellite reach into regional areas in Australia and across the Asia Pacific region. Our SNG trucks can deliver single and multi-channel transmissions and encode in SD/HD MPEG-2/MPEG-4. Telstra also works with global third parties to deliver SNG services based on geography and allocation.



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