BIC provides products for everyday needs, from ballpoint pens, to lighters and shavers. Its vision to create something simple, yet reliable and which eases something we all do, is at the heart of every brand move it makes. With sales in 160 countries, on every continent and in both mature and emerging markets, BIC supports an employee base of 9,200 people around the world. Managing 3.2 million retail outlets selling BIC products required the organisation to look internally to how its ICT environment was aligning with its goal of simplicity. For its operations in Asia, BIC needed to find a way of transforming its technology infrastructure to improve real time communication and productivity, and enlisted the global capabilities of Telstra to guide them through the process. A move to the cloud provided what the organisation required to ensure all its communication needs were simplified and enhanced, meaning better employee collaboration, delivering a stronger and more efficient service for its customers.

The Challenge

By working with on premise servers, BIC was continuously faced with difficulties accessing its datacenter. These challenges affected updates, maintenance, and issues management - which resulted in delayed responses during crises and urgent requests - with hardware maintenance and support tedious to manage. In such a dynamic and competitive fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) environment, this response time is crucial to ensuring supplier and customer requests are met or brands risk being unable to deliver and losing out to their competition. To reach a large network of retailers, suppliers and customers in the region, BIC required a solution that would cause minimal disruption, without large outlays of cost and was easily scalable.

The Solution

In six months, BIC realised the flexible and simplified IT environment it required to ensure the high quality delivery of services to its customers throughout Singapore, through the implementation of Telstra’s Global cloud Infrastructure as a Service (GIaaS).

Managed completely by Telstra and as an extension of its existing Telstra WAN service, the new cloud infrastructure provided a perfect complementary environment for BIC to reap the benefits from its new solution.

The Benefits

Since migrating to Telstra’s cloud services, BIC has achieved an annual saving of just a little under 20 per cent, and is now able to focus on its core customer offerings instead of the tedious task of comparing IT specifications and compatibility. The company is also benefiting from being able to rapidly respond to market demands thanks to its improved access to the datacentre, and has already requested an additional 1000GB of storage since going live.

Most importantly, this new implementation has given BIC the time back to innovate. No longer are valuable skillsets and creativity taken up with avoidable IT tasks.

BIC Product (Asia) is now viewing its IT as strategic rather than transactional and has an IT environment which will allow them to concentrate on driving business growth.