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Offshore Business Processing (OBP) is a business process outsourcing firm headquartered in The Philippines. It provides solutions for the data entry, call centre, accounting and information technology service needs of businesses of all sizes, that seek to improve their productivity and reduce cost.

The Challenge

OBP’s business success is based on its staff’s ability to deliver a level of service that matches the expectations of their customers, with a commitment to developing long-term relationships with its clients based on reliability, transparency and professionalism. As founder and managing director Maryann Farrugia puts it: “It is the relationships we have with our clients and staff that make us stand out, and it’s why most of our new business comes from client referrals and account growth.”

For many organisations that work with partners and customers around the world, open and efficient communication is vital in building these relationships and delivering high-quality services. However, it is even more important for OBP, which is trusted to carry out business critical tasks from offshore. Maryann summarises it this way: “If we don’t have a good Internet connection, then we don’t have a business.”

When setting up the business, Maryann and co-founder Peter De Angelis evaluated a number of Asia-based communications suppliers. After a brief unsuccessful spell with a local provider, characterised by poor network and application performance and slow responses to OBP’s requests, they decided they needed a technology partner who could provide the connectivity necessary to deliver a seamless, high-quality experience to their clients.

The Solution

When OBP engaged Telstra, it was a newly-formed company of 15 staff signing up for a 2MB IPVPN connection and one Voice over IP (VoIP) line.

Since then, the relationship has evolved as OBP’s business has grown to over 500 staff. Telstra now manages all of the connectivity, IT infrastructure and call centre software as OBP’s single technology provider. The services include:

  • IPVPN: High-quality voice and private line connectivity back into Australia;
  • Global Internet Direct: Dedicated internet for cloud services and OBP’s web-based agents;
  • Global VoIP: Helping OBP serve customers in the Australian, US and UK markets;
  • A cloud contact centre solution; and
  • Managed Network Services: Providing active networking monitoring down to the router.

Telstra’s account director James Godfrey, who has worked with Maryann and Peter from the beginning, said:

“The relationship with OBP is a special one. I have witnessed their humble beginnings from 15 staff to 500 over a four-year period. Empowering their agents and clients to be successful has been a journey for both of us. We have been able to support that growth by providing OBP with a scalable technology platform that has always been centred on helping them achieve their business outcomes.

“The most satisfying part for me is seeing OBP being able to connect into new markets with Telstra by its side. This has truly taken us into a partnership model.”

That partnership model has seen OBP and Telstra work together on new solutions. For example, James and Peter built and implemented new redundancy options for OBP’s Internet Direct and MPLS connections to help ensure service continuity.

“During the upgrades, James and the rest of the Telstra team provided support whenever it was needed. They were communicative and responsive, and ensured the implementation went smoothly,” Peter said about the new redundancy project.

The Benefits

The partnership with Telstra has enabled OBP to deliver a better experience to its clients and improve staff productivity.

Better experiences

“Our client experience starts with the conversations we have every day. With Telstra, the call clarity is excellent and there is no delay, which helps the conversation’s success,” Maryann said.

Telstra has also helped OBP to enhance the way staff interact with clients by enabling them to communicate using phone, email, chat and social media via a single platform.

Faster connectivity

Improvements have taken place behind the scenes too.“Our connection from the Philippines into the Sydney server and cloud services is on par with the speeds available to many of our Sydney-based customers on their local connections,” Maryann added.“And if we need something, we just put in a call and the requests are enacted quickly. We can spend more time on growing our business and not managing IT.”

Business growth

The reliability and reassurance that Telstra offers has helped OBP to grow their business in a direct way too, as Maryann explains.“Our clients appreciate that Telstra has a strong sense of ownership – when something needs doing, it gets done. Even non-Australia-based clients know of Telstra, so that has really helped growth as a business.”

Ultimately, Maryann is clear on the benefts of OBP’s relationship with Telstra:“We would not be where we are as a business today without partnering with Telstra.”

Becoming future-ready

OBP will continue working with Telstra as the company grows. Peter sees the relationship as a key enabler for OBP’s future success:

“We’ll certainly work with Telstra on other technology options and increased network connections as we plan and rollout multiple new branches in the future.

“More broadly, I believe technology will ensure the continued growth and expansion of our industry.

“With Telstra at the forefront of technology solutions, I know we will always be in a better position when it comes to winning new business and holding onto existing customers.”