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Guest Services

A digital concierge to delight your guests


Replace your paper-based guest information book with a digital concierge providing interactive, personalised in-room service. The tablet-based solution provides guests with up to date information on the local area, hotel amenities such as room service and also marketing promotions. Create a better experience for your guests and increase loyalty and potential revenue.

Telstra’s Guest Services solution empowers guests and hoteliers with advanced in-room service technology, by combining an engaging self-service interface with valuable back-end reporting and management tools. Simple and intuitive, it makes it easy to keep information up to date and promotes dialogue between hotel staff and guests.

Benefits and features

Delight your guests with a digital and personalised experience

Provide your guests with information at their fingertips including complementary services, special offers and local information – all from a tablet with an easy to use interface. Personalise their stay with targeted recommendations and a customised ‘What’s On’ guide.

Capture more revenue per customer

Entice your guests to spend more with easier upsell of in-room and complementary services. Attract guests to your restaurants and spas with current promotions, special packages and loyalty programs.

Target customers better

Reporting tools collate information on customer preferences and the effectiveness of your promotions, enabling you to uncover customer trends. Find out what appeals to your guests so you can tailor your services accordingly.

Plug and play simplicity

Running on Wi-Fi, each tablet comes ‘pre-loaded’ with the software application, which will be customised and configured based on your requirements.

Rich media delivery in multiple languages

With customisable features such as language preferences, you can provide up-to-date information and custom recommendations in a range of languages, making it easy for your guests to browse and order.

Content control

You don’t need any programming skills to manage the solution and make updates. An intuitive portal allows you to upload, update and manage menus, promotions and content across all tablet devices in multiple locations, easily and quickly

Understand customer behavior with reporting tools

Guest Services collates information on customer preferences and the effectiveness of your promotions in near real-time. Our reporting tools help you to uncover trends, find out what appeals to specific group of guests, allowing you to tailor your packages and fine-tune your services accordingly.



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