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Kony empowers your business to quickly design, build, deploy, and manage innovative mobile apps that offer brilliant user experiences. The end-to-end mobile enterprise application employs an open-standards architecture, allowing you to deploy and run apps across multiple devices, operating systems and deployment modes.

With Kony’s rich application programming interfaces, developers can write or modify apps from a single code base for multiple channels – reducing development time and costs. Its ‘What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get’ interface enables easy and innovative collaboration between designers, developers and business users, accelerating development timeframes and increasing productivity.

Benefits and features

Move faster and reduce costs

Kony reduces app development time and support costs with developers able to build or modify an app once (using a single JavaScript code base) and deliver it across multiple devices, major operating systems and multiple deployment modes. This helps you save time and optimise reuse while delivering consistent and brilliant user experiences across
different channels.

Speed time to market

Kony’s accelerated app design process lets you configure, extend, customise and deploy apps more quickly so you can get your ideas to market faster. With richer and more dynamic apps, you can deliver more personal and consistent messages that will delight your customers.

Securely support BYOD and increase productivity

With mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) capabilities, you can deliver secure access to critical applications, giving IT the control it needs, while supporting BYOD initiatives. Cloud-based collaboration capabilities make it easy for designers, developers and business users to work togetherand receive feedback in real-time, accelerating development cycles and increasing productivity

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