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Real-time security for your enterprise mobile devices


Secure your business right down to its mobile devices with Zimperium’s industry-leading security solutions for iOS and Android devices. As Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies become increasingly common, companies open themselves up to an entirely new category of cyber threats that puts their corporate data at risk. Zimperium enables businesses to get the benefits of BYOD with the confidence that their data will remain secure.

Benefits and features

Comprehensive protection optimised for mobile devices

Protect your business from advanced mobile network, device and application cyberattacks around the clock. Mobile security threats require innovative solutions, and the Zimperium platform delivers continuous, near real-time threat protection optimised for both mobile devices and their applications.

On-device defence turns BYOD from threat to advantage

A mobile workforce will not always be connected to your network, so ensure your business is secure with on-device defence that keeps working even when the device is in airplane mode or roaming. With its non-intrusive approach, users can be confident that their data and their privacy are protected at all times, both on and off the corporate network, and without affecting the performance of their device.

Easy to manage stay up to date

Zimperium makes it simple for IT teams to manage devices and counteract evolving threats. Security teams gain comprehensive visibility across all mobile devices in the organisation to assess enterprise risk, identify security gaps and update policies to improve protection. Dashboards and detailed reporting make it easy for security administrators to manage risk and monitor incidents on protected devices.

Other Solutions

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