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Public Clouds

Consolidate management and take control of your public cloud resources


Traditional infrastructure is giving way to multiple cloud platforms with the computing power to host applications for rapid, on-demand delivery. Public cloud is ubiquitous offering businesses scalability and flexibility to choose the platforms best suited to their mix of applications. In fact, 77% of businesses surveyed are adopting multiple clouds to run their applications1.

The Telstra Cloud Services Store offers unified management of these public cloud resources, simplifying procurement and maintenance while giving you a consolidated view of your usage. It gives you greater control of your IT environment and the confidence to meet your business’ needs.

1. Dimensional Research. (2014). Cloud Adoption Study

Benefits and features

The right choice for your business

Telstra Cloud Services Store lets you right-source your workloads and choose the best platform for your application and computing requirements. Select from a list of world-class public cloud service providers including Amazon Web

Services and IBM Softlayer. Establish a dedicated and private connection to your service providers with Telstra’s global foot-print of data centres.

Greater control over your IT environment

Telstra Cloud Services Store empowers you to take greater control of your IT environment. Manage changing workloads in a cost effective way with the ability to add or remove resources at any time. Efficiently manage the lifecycle of your cloud services across hybrid environments with a single point of contact for incident management.

Get increased transparency on use with computing resources tied to user accounts. You can also consolidate your spend with a single bill in your local currency.

Secure, reliable and dynamic

You can be confident with the Telstra Cloud Services Store and our list of leading service providers that your applications can be accessed when you need them through a secure, reliable and dynamic network.

Your business will also benefit from expert support as well as optional professional and managed services.


- Buy from a list of World-Class Public Cloud Service that fits your business applications needs

- Get direct and secure connection between your Telstra IP network service and Public Cloud Service Provider

- Cloud virtual resources or network in your local currency


- Create and modify your Public Cloud resources at any time

- Configure or modify your network settings at any time

- Enable different departments to provision computing resources with their own user accounts

- Integrate with your existing Active Directory identity solution


- Consolidated billing for all your Public Cloud resources

- Single support contact and accountability




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