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Cisco Webex Teams from Telstra

Ignite teamwork.

By 2918, 50% of team coordination and communication will occur via mobile group collaboration apps.

– Market Guide for Enterprise Mobile Messaging, Gartner, July 2017

Cisco Webex Teams

Move beyond the limitations of e-mail, fragmented work processes and distributed teams by unifying them all into one virtual space.

  • Communicate and work on documents in real time, on any device
  • Create a unified workflow before, during and after a meeting
  • No need for costly equipment, dedicated networks, or IT teams to manage infrastructure

Make faster decisions and accelerate projects – all from just about anywhere in the world.

Connect people and ideas through virtual meeting rooms in the cloud to work on documents and associated messages in the context of a specific project via Webex Teams app or client. The virtual meeting rooms can be securely accessed across the globe over the internet, with no VPN required.

Benefits and features

Boost Teamwork

Help everyone contribute and stay up to date in their own time.

Make Quicker Decisions

Bring the whole team together on the latest thinking to speed up projects.

Unify Processes

Connect other tools and automate workflows through Bots.

Stay Secure

Single Sign-On and end-to-end data encryption.

Enhance Productivity

reate continuous workflows before, during and after meetings across devices.

Connect Globally

Work together across multiple locations with secure internet access.

Run Lean

Easy to set up and use as it’s mainly app-based, cloud-hosted and internet-delivered.

Unify Collaboration on one app

Combine voice calling with messaging and meetings with Cisco Webex Hybrid Services.

Cisco Collaboration Cloud

Webex Teams services are hosted securely in the Cisco cloud while media and key management servers and HCS are in the Telstra cloud, providing high-quality audio and video

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) and Jabber

Integrated with Webex Teams via Cisco Collaboration Cloud and our global data networks for a full suite of voice, video, presence & IP communications tools across devices

Webex Teams App

Collaborate on a range of compatible mobile devices (Android, IOS, Windows and MAC OS).

Webex Teams Desktop Client

Switch between mobile and desktop and use the same interface as the app.

Desk Phone

Pair the Webex Teams app with your Cisco desk phone and switch easily between them.

Webex Meetings – add on

Join Webex Meetings with just a tap of the meetings tab on your mobile app.

Webex Teams Meeting Room – add on

Video-enable meeting areas with a monitor or display and a Webex Teams -registered end point. Escalate to physical meetings in a flash. No VPN required.

Webex Board

A multi-touch-based, big 4K screen device to meet, screen share and use digital whiteboarding, whether teams are physically present or attending virtually.

App Integration

Connect Webex Teams to almost any tool, or do custom integrations with Webex Teams APIs at the Webex Teams for Developers portal


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