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Telstra Collaboration with Cisco

Transform employee productivity

83% of professionals depend on technology to collaborate.

– Alfresco survey 2017

Telstra Collaboration with Cisco

Technology has changed how and where we do business, resulting in fragmented workplaces. Telstra Collaboration with Cisco helps you work across locations with ease, creativity and flexibility using integrated tools and solutions.

Drive innovation and teamwork

Our fully integrated call, messaging and meeting solutions brings together the latest collaboration tools: voice, video, data, presence, conferencing, content sharing and mobile apps, in real time across the globe, so your staff can work at their full potential– in the office, at home or anywhere in between.

We’ve integrated Cisco HCS and Jabber with Cisco Webex Teams and Webex Meetings via Cisco Webex Hybrid Services and Cisco Webex Cloud Connected Audio-Service Provider. It’s all underpinned by our global IP and SIP Connect networks and natively integrated functionality.

A complete collaboration solution in the cloud

Everything is delivered with the simplicity and agility of the cloud. Deploy quickly, scale easily and always use the latest capabilities. Plus, you can reach out to the world through our international data centres and global network presence.

Benefits and features

Grasp every opportunity

Use Webex Teams, Webex Meetings, Persistent Chat, Presence, Video Conferencing & Voice and switch between them. Help staff act in the moment, do more and respond faster

Bring everyone closer

Create, meet, message, call, whiteboard and share content in secure, virtual rooms. Promote continuous work streams across devices & locations making teamwork more effective

Be more flexible and mobile

Make your people as effective outside the office as inside. Assist them to work at the most suitable time and place to boost productivity and improve staff satisfaction.

Reach across the globe

Integrated networks across Asia, US, Europe, Middle East and Africa lets your business go places. Replicated servers in 6 data centres delivers high availability & redundancy

We do the heavy lifting

Use our global infrastructure to set up collaboration services wherever you are. We manage deployment, management, support and security. So you can focus on your business.

Cisco Webex Teams

Store, share and work on projects together in unified workspaces

Unlimited virtual rooms in the Cisco cloud via the internet and the Cisco Webex Teams app

Cisco Webex Hybrid Services

Message, meet, call and work together across devices

Combine Cisco Webex Teams with your existing Telstra cloud-hosted Cisco solutions.

Cisco Webex Meetings

One core meeting experience, simple and fast however you work, wherever you work

Highly effective and cost-efficient audio, video and web conferencing services

Cisco Webex Cloud Connected Audio-Service Provider (CCA-SP)

Unified audio, video and content-sharing from the Cisco Cloud.

Telstra’s natively integrated PSTN and VoIP for Webex provides end-to-end audio Quality of Service.

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) and Jabber

Synergise across your entire business

Syncs IP phone, soft phone and mobile with the Cisco Jabber app

View call history, and manage voicemails from any connected device


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