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IPX (Data and Voice Roaming)

A future-ready platform to empower next-generation mobility


Create competitive disruption and take full advantage of the LTE opportunity with Telstra’s IP Exchange (IPX) Service. A scalable, cost-effective and standards-based platform, IPX allows you to innovate, architect and build your own mobile ecosystem. Deliver the next generation of mobility services your customers desire with end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) and near real-time monitoring for a brilliant user experience.

Benefits and features

Deliver a superior roaming experience

Overcome the unpredictability of network performance in the roaming environment with our high-quality IP/MPLS backbone and proprietary latency optimisation protocol. Combined with end-to-end QoS and near real-time monitoring, you’ll get greater visibility into the international network and greater control over service quality.

Speed time to market

Telstra IPX provides a ready platform for service innovation and delivery to speed your time to market and reduce costs. Build your own ecosystem of partners to take full advantage of the LTE opportunity and deliver next-generation services, content and applications. Create competitive disruption and target new revenue opportunities with the high quality IPX Service available in 15 countries.

A single platform for legacy and new mobile services

With Telstra’s IPX there’s no need to establish multiple direct connections with network operators. The integrated, multi-service platform supports your roaming needs for signalling, SIP, diameter, 2G/3G and 4G data and voice. It provides a single window into the world of next-generation mobility to enable you to minimise costs and maximise efficiency.

Lower commercial risk

Telstra helps you reduce your investment risks by providing you with a future-ready platform that supports industry standard protocols and voice code. Dual Points of Preference (PoPs) in key markets offer a high degree of resiliency to minimise downtime and protect your roaming revenue.

Extensive MPLS backbone

Delivers reliable, end-to-end QoS with Class of Service support.

Simplified end-to-end SLAs

Create new high grade SLAs to target segmented offerings and solutions.

Redundancy and rapid network scalability

Incorporates redundancy and scalability with extensive network capabilities and dual, resilient PoPs in all locations. Scalability comes in dynamic CoS (Class of Service) allocation and burstable bandwidth for high demand periods.

Resilient Diameter signalling

Supports dual Diameter signalling hubs for comprehensive mobility management including mediation and interoperability.

24/7 Customer Control Centre

Provides real-time end-to-end visibility, reporting and diagnostics. Get near real-time 4G roaming information of your mobile customers. Set real-time network event monitor and trigger.

4G to 3G fallback and interworking

Ensures seamless, always-on connectivity for both business and leisure travellers through Circuit Switch Fall Back (CSFB).

Wholesale Voice over IPX

Ready to turn off your TDM network? Voice over IPX can accommodate your needs.



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