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Mobile Roaming

Empower users to go further for less


You can reduce the costs of delivering the services your mobile users expect in most locations with Telstra’s Mobile Roaming. As a mobile carrier you can offer extensive international roaming capabilities, without the cost and complexity of establishing direct connections with other mobile operators. The service is quick to set up and delivered via a highly robust network that already supports more than 805 million mobile users worldwide.

Benefits and features

Extensive global reach

Ensure your customers remain connected in almost every corner of the world without the hassle of managing your own connections with multiple carriers. Telstra’s Mobile Roaming service offers well-established signalling connections to more than 700 mobile carriers in over 200 countries and territories.

A secure, dedicated connection

Provide your customers with the highest levels of security by routing traffic via a dedicated connection. The signalling platform also blocks traffic from unauthorised carriers to provide a secure exchange of voice calls and near real-time text messages.

Flexible, competitive pricing

With two separate service options and a flexible approach to pricing, Telstra can provide a Mobile Roaming plan that fits your business – taking into account predicted traffic volume and global coverage. It is also quick and easy to get started, with most new signalling connections being ready for testing with standard provisioning lead-time.

Network resilience for robust roaming

Telstra’s Mobile Roaming service is delivered via our highly resilient global signalling network to provide your customers with a robust roaming experience. Built-in redundancy and diverse interconnection points further protect roaming traffic. Over 99.9% of connections are available on demand, but in the event of a failure, mobile traffic is seamlessly transferred to an alternative route.

Connections to over 700 international mobile operators

Delivered via a highly resilient and robust switching platform.

Suitable for GSM networks

Ensures that mobile communications can be conveyed across different network types in over 200 countries.

Shared use of SS7 signalling links

Optimises network usage.

Multiple points of presence

Located in Australia, Hong Kong, the UK and the USA.

Industry standards

Adheres to the international Q.700 series of standards for message transfer, as well as the Message Transfer Part (MTP) and Signalling Connection Control Part (SCCP) protocols.

24/7 customer service

Round the clock access to a multi-lingual help desk.



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