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Virtual Network Operator (VNO)

Take advantage of the largest commercial teleports in Asia and Australia


Whether you are a satellite operator, satellite service provider or carrier, you’ll benefit from Telstra’s competitive pricing, advanced facilities and a range of VNO services to empower your business.

Our services are ideal for customers who want to manage their own VSAT networks without large investments in teleport infrastructure. You’ll get full control of your own networks and remotes while enjoying comprehensive coverage over the Asia Pacific, Middle East, as well as parts of Europe, Africa and Central Asia.

Satellite services can be provisioned with either IP or VPN access for seamless interface to terrestrial networks.

Benefits and features

Extensive coverage of the Asia Pacific region

Telstra’s Satellite Teleport Service is designed to meet all your uplinking, downlinking and colocation requirements. From our teleports in Australia (Sydney, Perth and Melbourne) and Asia (Hong Kong), as well as our global partner teleports, we provide access to over 40 major C-band and Ku-band satellites. If you choose to house your own satellite platforms at our teleports, you can also gain easy access to our extensive global submarine cable network and IP Connectivity platforms.

Competitive and flexible commercial term

Choose from a broad range of competitively priced solutions with a choice of satellite access technologies to support your requirements. In recognition of the varying commercial and technical needs of our customers, we can also customise an offer to suit your precise needs.

Brilliant performance

Experience superior performance and exceptional reliability with our teleports’ antennas ranging from 7 to 30 metres in diameter. Thorough maintenance, expert engineering, redundancy provision and scale mean that our customers typically enjoy 99.99% service availability.

Expert support, 24/7

Outsource your entire network management needs to Telstra, with complete confidence. Our teleports are managed by highly experienced satellite operations staff, with service monitoring and fault reporting available around the clock.



Other Solutions

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