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Collaboration Consulting


Communicating with colleagues, partners and customers at a moment's notice can make the extra difference. Telstra’s Collaboration Consulting services can help make those interactions richer and more productive while helping you get the most out of your systems and processes.

Take advantage of the latest collaboration tools and empower people to collaborate in the moment – wherever and whenever. We will work with you to transform your existing work practices to become more agile and productive.

Benefits and features

Collaborate across locations and devices

Foster dynamic collaboration across multiple locations and devices with expert advisory from our consultants. We will help you create more flexible, productive working environments with collaboration tools and practices that meet the current and future needs of your business, empowering your business to grow further.

Create collaborative contact centres

Our Collaboration Consulting services help you employ an integrated, collaborative contact centre approach to drive customer satisfaction and retention. Enhance efficiencies across contact centre agents, processes and infrastructure as well as supervision and management.

Optimise your IT environment and your investment

Our experts can help you simplify and streamline your communications and optimise your IT environment.  Get help to ensure you choose the right solutions and maximise the value of your investment.

Other Solutions

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