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Network Consulting

Technology and innovation to take your business into the future


Telstra Network Consulting not only helps you build and optimise your network environment but provides informed advice on technology and innovation to get you to your desired state. We help you enhance the way your people work, collaborate and engage with your customers to provide brilliant user experiences.

Build a roadmap for the future in the most cost efficient and least disruptive way to your business. Get advice on how to create a collaborative environment and streamline work processes to improve flexibility and productivity.

Benefits and features

A network strategy to help your business thrive

Align your network strategy with your business goals, including the design, architecture and management of your network infrastructure. Our network consultants will work with you to simplify and optimise your network to reduce costs and boost business growth.

Control and Insight

You’ll gain sustained innovation and continuous improvement, and enjoy a smooth transition from legacy networks to new solutions.

You’ll also be able to improve application performance and have greater insight and control over your environment while minimising security threats and operational risk.

Other Solutions

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