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Security Consulting

Expert advice to protect your business


ICT security challenges change rapidly due to advancements such as mobility, technology convergence, legislative and industry compliance, and the cloud. Knowing how vulnerable your systems are to the real threats can be difficult. Maximise your security investments and protect your business against increasingly complex threats with support from our security consultants. We help you balance your risk profile and business needs with an appropriate level of security spend.

Our vendor agnostic security consulting will also help you choose the most appropriate strategy, architecture, solution and services for your environment. We’ll ensure that your most critical assets are highly available to your people when and where they need them and, at the same time, reduce the risk of unauthorised access.

Benefits and features

A bespoke strategy to meet your business needs

Telstra Security Consulting will help you align your security requirements to your business needs. We work with you to understand your security, compliance and resilience requirements and identify the security measures you need to implement.

We help you to identify and understand the impacts of any security gaps, and deliver a roadmap to help you reach your desired level of protection. We deliver a framework that can grow and develop to meet the ever-changing threat environment and also addresses unique requirements such as industry specific architectures.

Other Solutions

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