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Online Video Solution


Powered by Ooyala, Online Video Solution (OVS) helps you extract maximum value from your online video investments so your business can thrive. With OVS you can efficiently manage and measure video content across digital channels, while capturing the data you need to drive engagement and growth. Deliver the right videos to the right viewer at the right time, optimising playback and performance.

OVS is a completely managed, cloud-based solution. It features powerful multi-dimensional data analytics and near real-time reporting tools to help you discover untapped audiences and fine-tune your marketing programs for better results.

Benefits and features

Publish quickly and minimise capital investment

OVS makes it easy to manage and deliver high quality video content to the web, connected TVs, mobile and tablet devices. It features automatic transcoding to convert content into required formats and pre-defined APIs for easy integration with existing systems.

It is an operational expenditure rather than a capital cost so you can move technology and support costs away from your balance sheet and lower your total cost of ownership.

Reach a bigger, more engaged audience

Deliver unique viewing experiences across all digital channels. Audiences can load and play videos faster with no need to install a media player. They can also discover more content they love with targeted recommendations based on near real-time data.

Drive better results with actionable analytics

Our multi-dimensional analytics give you rich insights to identify your most popular viewer platforms and your most successful syndication partners. Near real-time metrics help you better understand your reviews and pinpoint what engages them most. Improve customer retention and increase revenue per user by giving viewers more of the content they enjoy and promote specific content to selected audience groups.

Content management and delivery

Use a web-based interface to upload, transcode and manage your content library. Manage your database with flexible metadata workflows and deliver effective personalised high quality video content through reliable Content Delivery Network (CDN), enabling faster playback and better end user experiences.

Multi-screen publishing

Allows for the rapid creation and deployment of rich video content across a wide range of screens, including smartphones, tablets, connected TVs, game consoles and OTT devices via a single platform. Publishing is available through HTML5 or Flash embedding, and can be easily syndicated to your social media platforms and 3rd party websites.

Easy customisation and configuration

Easily create multiple players and assign them to videos or channel sets. You can customise the look and feel as well as the branding of your player by adding colour themes to your skin or watermark and also configure the player start and end screens. Any changes are automatically made for all videos and channel sets that use the player.

Multi-dimensional analytics

Gain deep insights into your videos from overall engagement and play-through statistics that details the popularity of each asset amongst your viewers to contextual statistics and actual engagement allowing you to understand if viewers are just sampling or truly engaging your content, in accordance to geography, device, traffic source and more – accessible via a single consolidated console.

Content recommendations for personalised viewing

OVS uses sophisticated algorithms to offer each viewer personalised options for what to watch next, based on their consumption history and also on related, trending popular videos keeping viewers engaged longer and reducing subscriber churn.



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